Honor Code

I pledge my honor…


One of the foundation stones of life at Northwood is the honesty, both personal and academic, of every member of the school community. Regarding academic honesty, every student must read and acknowledge the Honor Code and accept all of its elements. The Code was developed by the Headmaster’s Council with the understanding that a school’s student culture grows from the actions of the students themselves and reflects their own values.


On every piece of academic work done for a grade, be it nightly homework, a larger assignment, or a final exam, you must physically write (or type) “On my honor” and sign (or type) your name. The two ideas behind this requirement are that your honor is sacred and that your word is your bond.


Every Northwood student must show integrity and respect for all people in all aspects of life at school, and when traveling as a representative of the school.


The Honor Code requires that you:


  • Treat your word as your bond

  • Respect the dignity and the property (be it physical or intellectual) of others

  • Exhibit Northwood’s five Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Courage, Compassion, and Integrity