Performing & Fine Arts

Express Yourself in the Arts


The arts experience at Northwood School begin with each student’s creativity and are fostered by faculty who draw on their own experience to encourage each student’s artistic expression and to inspire students to explore new spaces and mediums.


Students have the opportunity to express themselves artistically through painting, printmaking, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, publishing, and a wide range of musical instruments practiced solo and in groups.


Art and music co-curricular options are available outside of class time and vary by season. In a class, or in the co-curricular program, students are encouraged to take a first-hand approach to discovery and mastery of artistic skills.


In addition, local resources create a vibrant arts scene off-campus: the Pendragon Theater Company travels from nearby Saranac Lake for on-campus performances and there are opportunities to collaborate in productions at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.


Taking Center Stage


Students become creators at Northwood School and have the opportunity to express their creative visions through performance. Musicians display their talents at Northwood Cafe open-mic events, while aspiring authors and poets participate in workshops with the Adirondack Center for Writing, and students co-write original plays and lead in the spotlight and behind the scenes in theatrical productions.


For every interest, discipline, and skill set, students learn to take the initiative to expand their horizons, share their perspectives, and engage their community through the visual and performing arts. 

A peek at what our students have experienced:


  • Attended book signings with alumni authors at the Bookstore Plus

  • Visited a local nursing home to sketch resident portraits

  • Toured local art galleries and studios

  • Attended the Listen Festival Spoken Word & Poetry Performance

  • Performed theatrical production at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts and with regional schools.

  • Submitted original work to the Adirondack Center for Writing as part of Poem Village and Young Playwrights contest


As students discover the lively local Adirondack arts scene and tap into the knowledge and skills of our faculty, their ability to communicate an artistic vision will develop and advance. With imagination and support, there is no limit to what they can produce. 



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