Advanced Humanities Research Program

Credits: 1

The Advanced Humanities Research Program provides a platform to engage in independent research within the fields of history, literature, the arts and social sciences. Students with a deep interest in one of these areas will design and implement their own research projects throughout this yearlong course. By pursuing preliminary research on their topic of interest, and then generating their own focus questions and ultimately their own study design, students will develop the mastery to critically think about the world. Formal presentations of the results at the end of the year will further develop the students’ communication and critical thinking skills.


Enrolled students must hold a genuine interest in the humanities and a deep desire to conduct independent research. Depending on the students’ interests, mentorships with regional experts may be arranged to support the student with expert advice and exposure to a higher level of academic engagement. Placing a special emphasis on research directly related to the unique institutions and history within the Adirondack Park will further develop the relationship between Northwood School and the community and foster in these young researchers a deeper awareness of their surroundings.

Prerequisites: Honors grades in history courses required. Successful completion of an AP history course is beneficial. Interested students must fill out an application to be considered for the course. Enrollment is limited.