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Elite Girls’ Hockey at Northwood School

Our girls’ hockey program helps our student-athletes achieve their goals on the ice as well as in the classroom. We play 40 to 50 games per year, boast an intense year-round training schedule, and offer asynchronous learning to support training and competition.



Northwood School’s Elite Girls’ Hockey Program

At Northwood, we strongly believe that student-athletes shouldn’t have to choose between athletics and academics, and our program provides our girls’ hockey players with the coaching and academic support they need to excel in the rink and in the classroom. Our alumni have gone on to play at the university, professional, and international levels. Our elite girls’ hockey program offers the following benefits:


  • Accredited coeducational, independent boarding school

  • Individualized college placement counseling to help student-athletes find the best college for their athletic and academic goals

  • Located in the world-class Lake Placid, New York, two-time host of the Winter Olympics

  • Training and home games at the Olympic Training Center, home to the legendary 1980 Miracle on Ice game

  • Shared locker room with the U.S. Women’s national team

  • Member of the North American Prep Hockey Association (NAPHA

  • USA Hockey 19U Tier-1 tournament-bound team

  • Experienced full-time coaches with impressive career stats and dedication to the team

  • Support and education for players on the college recruitment process

  • Year-round training including time on the ice, watching videos, and access to the on-campus fitness center

  • 45 to 50 games per season with a schedule that focuses on top competitors and proactive exposure to college recruiters

  • Academic support while traveling and training, with flexible schedules, asynchronous learning modules, and technology platforms to remote learning

  • Advanced college-prep curriculum with honors and AP classes and an emphasis on place-based learning

  • Conveniently located two-hours from Albany and Montreal and five hours from New York City, Toronto, and Boston

Girls’ Hockey Training

Our girls’ hockey season runs from September to April, and during those months, we are on the ice for several hours per day, five to six days per week. At practice, we focus on repetitive drills that help players hone their hockey skills, but we also work on cultivating a competitive spirit, a sense of teamwork, and endurance in all of our female athletes.


By coaching girls in all aspects of the sport, we help them improve their approach to game strategy and flow. Our 2:1 practice-game ratio gives our girls’ hockey team the chance to develop their skills in practice but also while playing against teams from other prep schools, junior hockey programs, and clubs.



Year-Round Training Schedule

So athletes don’t lose stamina in the offseason, we have year-round training programs available to all of our girls’ hockey players. In the fitness center, our student-athletes can take advantage of a weight room, an indoor climbing wall, and other amenities to help them stay in shape.


Our girls’ hockey team works with a strength-and-conditioning specialist all year long, both in season and during the offseason. We also have on-staff nutritionists who help girls’ hockey players develop and stick to a nutrition plan on campus and while they are traveling for games.



Outcomes of the Girls’ Hockey Program

Many of our girls’ hockey players have continued their hockey careers past their time at our school and have gone on to play at the university and professional levels. However, whether our players plan to continue playing hockey after high school or shifting to other pursuits, our program helps them develop the skills they need to be successful for the rest of their life.


  • Girls who train with our program enjoy the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced hockey skills

  • Extensive knowledge of the game

  • Preparation to play in college or at other advanced levels

  • Character development

  • The ability to set and meet challenging goals

  • Increased confidence

  • Leadership skills



Your child deserves to be successful in all aspects of their life. At Northwood School in Lake Placid, NY, we provide the structure and opportunities high school students need to excel in both sports and academics. Whether your child is focused on hockey or another pursuit, we invite you to contact us to talk more about the benefits of Northwood for your child.


We offer elite sports in a college-prep environment, and we would love to welcome your family to our community.


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