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Elite Boys’ Hockey at Northwood School


The boys’ hockey program at Northwood, which includes two teams, announced last year that it joined forces with six leading men’s preparatory hockey-playing institutions to create the Prep Hockey Conference. Our teams play between 50 and 60 games per season in the United States and Canada, and we provide our hockey players with personalized tools and coaching to help them reach their full potential in the rink and the classroom.


Northwood School’s Elite Boys’ Hockey Program


At Northwood, student-athletes don’t have to choose between sports or academics. We give our hockey players the support they need to excel both as athletes and as students. The top reasons families select our elite hockey program include:


    • We are an accredited independent school placing student-athletes in select colleges and universities

    • We are located in Lake Placid, the Olympic village of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games, and we train and play at the Olympic Center

    • We offer year-round training with ample access to ice, a fitness center, and individual video analysis

    • We focus on success both in the classroom and on the road and are supported by a flexible schedule, academic advisors, asynchronous teaching models, and a technology platform

    • We also provide individual advising, and project-based, experiential learning complementing rigorous traditional courses. Our advanced curriculum offers AP and honors classes, STEM courses, and opportunities for mentored independent study


Training During the Hockey Season


From September to April, our boys’ hockey teams practice four or five days a week. Practices focus on game strategy and flow, body contact, crashing the net, and other essentials. We use cross-ice and small-area games to engage our players in drills that focus on building specific skill sets, and we work on nurturing mental toughness, competitiveness, and endurance in all our players.



Year-Round Strength and Conditioning Programs


At Northwood, we firmly believe athletes are made in the off season. Our boys’ hockey players don’t sit back and relax in their short offseason. Instead, we continue to provide them with training opportunities throughout the year so that they are always ready to get back on the ice.


We have a 12-month strength-and-conditioning program designed and run by a specialist. Our hockey players also have full access to the on-campus fitness center, and we provide a comprehensive nutrition plan and guidance for our athletes while they are on campus and traveling.



Opportunities for Boys’ Hockey Players


Our boys’ hockey program provides opportunities for our players to stretch beyond their comfort zones, expand their physical fitness, and build their self-confidence as they set and achieve goals both in hockey and academics. We accomplish these goals by focusing on training, proper techniques, and quality performance on the ice. We encourage our players to push themselves in the classroom and be leaders in the team and in the school community.



Objectives of the Boys’ Hockey Program


At Northwood School, the objective of our boys’ hockey program is to develop every player’s skill and character, both on and off the ice, so they can be successful in high school, college, and beyond. In our hockey program, boys gain the following:


  • Enhanced development of hockey skills

  • Deepened knowledge of the game

  • Preparation to play at the college level

  • Personal growth and expanded self-confidence

  • The ability to set and work toward goals as a team

  • Leadership skills


If you are looking for a strong academic program and an elite hockey experience, Northwood School is the ideal choice. Our hockey program, as well as our other elite athletic programs, are designed specifically for individuals who want to develop their skills as people, students, and athletes.


Let Northwood be the launching point of your hockey career, not the last stop. To learn more about our elite boys’ hockey program, and the rest of our school, contact us today. We look forward to setting up a tour with you and talking more with you about our school.


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